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What Is It?

Parent Grams, is your online parent communication program. Have you ever wanted to tell the parent of one of your students, that you just appreciate the extra work they put into their children? That you appreciate the way they help their children study? That their child has improved so much in their class work, as well as their student relations? Well now you can.

The school administrator, or their designee, has the ability to manage the website with their private username and password. Only the administrator, or their designee, has the ability to update teacher information. Teachers are able to add, edit and delete students.













TeachersThe school administrator can manage the teachers that will use the software. They can add teachers manually, edit their information, class, etc. Teachers will have the ability to edit, add or delete a student. Each teacher has their own unique username and password to access the parent gram program.

There is even an import feature that makes teacher management a breeze. Just specify what the file delimiter is, what order the information is presented, and upload the entire teacher list.














For student management, there are similar functions.Students

You can upload a list of students and the teachers they report to, grade level and their parent information.

If a student leaves the school, you can easily manage their information manually.

There is an import feature similar to the teacher management.














Sent E-GramsYou also have a list of all parent grams you have sent. If a parent does not receive their gram, you can simply resend it without ever having to create it again.

When you create a parent gram, you can create as many as you want at once and either have them emailed out immediately, or schedule them to be sent out at a later date.

The school administrator can even send mass grams to all of the parents at one time.











Scheduled GramsWith a click of a button, you can view the grams that are scheduled to be sent out at a later date.

Just click on the view icon if you need to change the schedule of a particular parent gram.















Help DeskIf you ever have any difficulties with the software, there is a help desk feature that puts you in direct contact with a support technician.

Once you submit your support request, a support technician will be assigned to your request ticket and walk you through any difficulties you might have.